Environmental Education

Eagle Valley provides environmental education to hundreds of individuals annually through on-site tours and off-site presentations throughout Oakland County.

Scripps Middle School students learn about the importance of recycling by visiting their local landfill.


Waste Management is a sponsor of the Michigan Alliance of Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) and attends their annual event providing an educational resource to the teachers who attend.


Eagle Valley also provides education to environmental science students educating about today’s modern waste management practices including modern landfill design and technology, recycling technologies, and how Waste Management works to balance our built and natural environment through wildlife habitat installations. Waste Management encourages species identification utilizing identification keys and critical thinking skills.


Environmental Education Partnerships


WM & GM support environmental education at Scripps Middle School by teach students about the importance of preserving and protecting the water quality in our local watershed (Clinton River Watershed Council). Eagle Valley and GM also teach students about green energy (landfill gas) provided by Eagle Valley which is used to power the GM Orion manufacturing facility.



Waste Management has been a supporter of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Michigan Beautiful. Waste Management of Michigan provided financial support for the local Keep Michigan Beautiful organization to become re-affiliated with Keep America Beautiful. In 2010, Keep Michigan Beautiful recognized Waste Management for its educational program.